Student centered learning

Pilot Study programmes in priority sectors are improved to be more student-centred

Based on the identification of three priority sectors under Result 1 and taking into account the outcomes of previous Tempus projects, four pilot higher education institutions are identified and a minimum of three curricula of each of their study programmes that fall in the priority sectors are reviewed and amended to incorporate learning outcomes. This is done through the development of a systematic approach for student centered curricula reform that can in the future be used for a wide range of study programmes. Capacity building activities to develop competence-based approaches for teaching, learning and assessment are organized. This activity will be undertaken in close partnership between the MoE, the higher education institutions, student representatives and representatives of the labour market. If implemented successfully, this will also change the attitude towards recognition and ensure that recognition processes are focused on learning outcomes, rather than titles of courses.

Key deliverables

  • Programme regulations on recognition developed.
  • A training workshop on student-centred approaches for teaching, learning and assessment is organized
  • A methodological compendium on the use of learning outcomes is developed
  • A minimum of 12 study programmes are revised;
  • A concept of student centred study programme is developed

Activities to be performed