Competence based education

Selected National Education Standards are re-defined to include a competence-based focus

Current National Education Standards for key professions, based on social and economic relevance, are reviewed in a consultative process, including all major stakeholders, such as institutions, students, labour market, and revised based on recommendations arising from the review process.

A methodology for redefining these to reflect a competence-based approach in terms of learning outcomes is developed, reflecting good international practice. Labour-market intelligence is used to inform the National Education Standards as well as to develop classifications of specialties.

Key deliverables

  • A concept and methodology for transforming education standards to be competence-based is improved;
  • National education standards for programmes in three selected sectors are updated;
  • A methodology for transforming labour market intelligence into programme specific education requirements is developed;
  • National classifications for programmes in three sectors are developed;
  • Visibility materials are developed that informs about the benefits of competence-based education;
  • A study visit of up to 7 MoE members is organised in an EU Member State on competence based education system.

Activities to be performed